It’s Confirmed!

26 05 2010

It Has Been A Period Of Time Since We Had Activities!
Pioneers (Secondary 5’s) Has Been Busy With Their Studies, So As Fellow PSL’s We Wish Them All The Best For Their ‘O’ Levels!

While The Rest Of Us Are Having A Great Time In School. Recently The Secondary 2 Students Had Their Secondary 2 Adventure Camp! For The Secondary 3’s It Was A Platform For Them To Be More Confident In Planning & Leading In Camps While I Bet The Sec 2’s Really Enjoyed The Camp Too! (:

Months Back, The 2nd New Batch Of PSL Members Were Officially Welcomed & Certified In The Presence Of The School. When They Received Their Certificates On Stage, Not Just Standing & Receiving But Also Performing A Cheer Together With Pioneers.

let’s go straight to the point :

the Treasure Hunt Event is confirmed by the pioneers.

Date : 26 June 2010 , Saturday
Time : 10.30 am – 8.00 pm
Location : West Coast
Food : (Kindly Bring $5 For Food)
Transport : (Transport Not Provided But Meeting Up To Go Together)

*Refer To The Previous Post For More Information, Location Is Confirmed Here.

Treasure Hunt Event

4 04 2010

Rais Is Organising A Treasure Hunt On The Last Week Of The June Holidays.
Objective Of The Treasure Hunt Is To Create A More Close & Warm Bonding With All The Members Of The PSL

All Pioneers & Leaders Will join The Treasure Hunt Except For A Few Pioneers Who Will Be At Different Stations/Checkpoint.

Date : 26 June 2010 , Saturday
Time : 10.30 am – 8.00 pm
Location : West Coast-East Coast-Sentosa
Food : (Kindly Bring $5 For Food)
Transport : (Transport Not Provided But Meeting Up To Go Together)

So Do Join Us For This Fun-Filled Event & Please Spread This To The Rest Of The PSL Members About This Event.

*If You Have A Facebook Account,Go To :

To Confirm Your Attendance (: If Not You Can Do So By Commenting Here.
See You There!


4 04 2010

The First Official PSL Camp!
The Camp where they groom the next batch of Leaders.
I bet we had so much fun! right Leaders? (:

Here Are The Pictures Of The 3 Day 2 Night Camp !

Pioneers Gathering The Leaders For Attendance

“This Is How I Gingolo!” (EEWW!)

The Chief Syair Shanking His Leg

The Time When We Feel So Full,Not With Food But With Water!

Creating Their Kite

Group 2 Presents You Their Spinning Kite

Trying To “Fly” Their Kite

The Station Which We Struggled Most,To Carry The Water To The End

Some Felt Great,Some Felt Disgusted! (just look at their faces)

“Where Is The Freaking Sweet?!”

Gordon Completely Putting His Face In The Flour

Group 2 With Their Pale Faces

Look At Indra! & Jun Wei Did You Put Your Face Inside? (:

Handsome Acap (:

Crazy Pioneers

Failed Jump Shot!

Passed Jump Shot!


Mt. Everest

Not Snow But Flour (:

Jun Wei Leading Us In The Makan Cheer!

Discussing For Gala Night

Mr Singh With The Group

The Pioneers Teaching The Cheers

“I Think I Need My Manicure!”

The Pro-First Aiders Shin Jou & Xin Hui

Leaders (Crazy Shot)

Leaders (We Love Mr. Singh Shot)

Leaders (No More Joking Shot)


Hyper Pioneers

Xin Hui In Action To Give Aid To Christina (:

Mini Clubbing In The Mini Hall!

Dance Battle


Hello world!

31 03 2010

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